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Dear PARRA Members
Please find below a pdf file that describes the precincts proposed for Port Alfred and Alexandria. This draft report is, according to P2, the results of Phase(s) 3 & 4 of the overall project – Precinct & Business Plans Draft Report. It was presented at the public meeting PARRA attended at the PA Memorial Hall on 8th November 2023.
It is a nicely written and well illustrated, and well worth reading. Although not explicitly mentioned in the report, the presenters emphasised that the provision, by the municipality, of essential basic services such as water, sewerage and sewage treatment, roads and security services – is a prerequisite for the success of the revitalisation project.
We believe that there are many opportunities for PARRA to make meaningful contributions to this initiative.
The file below is, according to Toni Redam (one of the senior consultants), the Phase 2 Master Plan, which is “the bigger story/context for both Port Alfred and Alexandria”. It precedes the Phase 3/4 Precinct and Business Plans, which focuses just on the precincts in each town.

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