Port Alfred Residents and Ratepayers Association (PARRA)

Parra’s objectives are mainly to interact with the Ndlambe LM on behalf of the ratepayers and residents of Port Alfred. Parra’s interaction is based on making the Municipality accountable by using a non-confrontational approach. PARRA was founded to improve and promote Port Alfred for all its ratepayers and residents as a tourist and business destination. PARRA has maintained a good working relationship with all the senior Municipal officials.


BUDGET: The interaction with the CFO has to date been very amicable. PARRA gets a spread sheet every year with the budget proposals and has together with the NRF (Ndlambe Rate Payers Forum) managed to keep the rates increase in line with inflation after years of excessive increases. The overtime and casuals which are always too high have been reduced and abnormal expenditure identified and brought to the attention of Ndlambe LM.


INFRASTRUCTURE: The upkeep and maintenance of the roads, water reticulation infrastructure and sewage infrastructure is a challenge that Ndlambe LM appears to be losing. The constant sewage leaks due to sewage pumps failing needs urgent attention.


COMMUNITY PROTECTION SERVICES: The beaches are well maintained and the sand on the parking areas is being addressed by the implementation of a Coastal Management Plan. Contamination of the Kowie River and the Duck Pond remains an ongoing problem.


WATER: Port Alfred is a water scarce area and the drought has had a rehabilitating effect on all residents and ratepayers. Currently one out of the three RO plants is producing 2.0 ML/d of water per day. A forth temporary 1.0 ML plant will be built at the end of Warf Street within weeks. The 3.0 ML/d re-used RO plant can only function when there is sufficient sewage flowing through the system. The Amatola RO Plant will only take brack water from the Sarel Hayward Dam (when it fills up again) and the boreholes to improve the taste and the quality of the water.


BUSINESS: PARRA has had a meeting with the Business Forum and Tourism and intends to form an alliance with them and to help attract businesses and investment to Port Alfred.


PLANNING: Tribunal PARRA has successfully stopped the building of 30 meter cellphone towers in residential areas. Alterations and building departure applications are distributed to PARRA Exco members for comment.


PARRA has a seat on the Water JOC and the Project Steering Committee of the 2 and 3 ML RO Plants. This allows PARRA to have an insight and to contribute to these committees.

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