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“Alone we can do little, together we can do much.”

Helen Keller

With our increasing membership and support from the community, PARRA decided it was time to initiate its first community project for the year. As you will know, we have undergone a rebranding exercise and with that there has been an increased injection of enthusiasm, support and funding.
We have a strong working relationship with Sunshine Coast Tourism and the Port Alfred Business Forum, who had already undertaken an improvement at the Play Park next to the Civic Centre a few months back. PARRA accordingly decided to take care of another section of the Park and the Port Alfred Public Library as the next phase.
In line with our conversations to Ndlambe LM, we drafted a proposal and submitted it to Council for approval. Any improvements, changes, additions in public spaces need to have Ndlambe LM approval otherwise there can be legal liability issues passed onto the person/entity who attends to them without the consent.
On 23 March 2022 we obtained this approval (click HERE to see). Unfortunately due to other issues arising in our Area, which demanded our urgent attention (mainly comments on the budget for 2022/23 and the water shortage) our project was delayed for a few weeks.
On Wednesday 11 May 2022 we started our project. This is where our amazing community really showed up. What we were able to achieve in 3 days is only because of the incredible people and businesses in this town who supported and donated towards making our town that bit better!
Improvements included:
  • Removal of Yukka plants next to the Play Park and relocating them to a vulnerable area to increase security, also reducing possible injury to the public enjoying this play area
  • Removal of the dead tree in front of library
  • Removal of old broken benches in front of library (we are attempting to repair one to be replaced)
  • Felling of large tree to “open up” the library entrance
  • Digging in new soil into existing beds on the right hand side of the Civic Centre, Memorial Garden, Library Entrance Beds and large round bed next to the Play Park.
  • Splitting and dividing existing plants and planting new plants around the garden beds – only water-wise indigenous plants have been used in line with the greater beautification outline for Port Alfred
  • Tidying up of the aloes on the right hand side of the Civic Centre entrance
  • Planting new plants around the War Memorial
  • Trimming the bougainvilleas and palm tree at the entrance to the Library
  • Restoring the old cement pots, painting and planting Spekboom at the entrance of the Library
  • Repainting the balustrades leading up the library stairs
  • Repairing the damage caused by thieves where light fittings stolen leading up library stairs
  • Removing pieces of cement and old bricks around the area
  • Weeding
  • Redoing the garden next to the park
  • Removing dead trees around the back of the Library area
  • Carting away of refuse
  • Trimming and neatening bushes
  • Trimming trees on the side of the Library Building


Special mention needs to be made of the following people and businesses who supported us and got involved to help us build a better Port Alfred (in no particular order):

  • Dave Elm – Tree Felling and Cartage
  • Nathan Hilpert – Labour and Painting of pots and balustrades
  • Mike from Rare Earth Organics – Donation of compost & soil
  • Port Alfred Business Forum – Support and Labour
  • Standerwick Nursery – Donation of Plants
  • Port Alfred Ski Boat Club – relocating the yukkas removed from the Play Park area
  • Clinton & Mike Millard – Labour & additional Chainsaws
  • Multi Security – Labour, Raw Materials for repairs & Security Support
  • Kayjays/Kowie Hardware – Paint and Supplies to repair pots and balustrades
  • Ndlambe Municipality – Tree Felling & Support
  • Ace from Ace Cartage – Cartage and Removal


Here are some pics of from the project:



The next phase in our community projects portfolio will start in the next few months. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us on


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