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The boiler of the Tug Victoria that operated on the Kowie River in the 1870s can sometimes be seen on East Beach, 1 km from the Kowie River towards Rufane. It’s mostly covered with sand, but is sometimes exposed after rough seas and high tides as it has been for some weeks now.


Tug Victoria was mainly used to ferry passengers up and down the river as far as the Mansfield Mill because of her shallow draught. She also towed the sailing ships around port. The story goes that the Captain was owed money by the owner William Cock of the Tug Victoria and he would not pay him, so one morning at 4am the captain steamed the tug out to sea and run it onto the rocks at Eastern beach in revenge. It was assumed that he went to look for diamonds in the Kimberley fields as he was never seen again.



The Marina has enjoyed a transformation to their streets as the resurfacing of all Marina roads has been completed just in time to welcome residents and holidaymakers for the season.
Heavy machinery was brought in as contractors worked tirelessly under the watchful eye of the Marina operations manager to ensure the best possible finish.


A contribution of rocks was made to PARRA for use in the project to clean up and replant the Public Library gardens and as soon as we can arrange delivery there will be a contribution of Spekboom and Aloes from our residents towards the public gardens around town.



Much needed patching was done on the roads around the Small Boat Harbour and the Harbour Master is anticipating an influx of boats to the harbour with the many visitors arriving in the coming weeks.
The boat registration issue is yet to be finalised so boat registration is still being managed by the River Control Officer from the Fire Station building.

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