Thank you to Claire Wright from the Royal Alfred Marina Homeowner’s Association for this update. Claire is a member of the PARRA Exco.


The recent storm surge caused the level of the sea surface near the coast to be temporarily raised up, resulting in flooding along the coastal stretch, this caused by a combination of three factors.  Firstly, a surge associated with low-pressure weather systems coming onshore.  Secondly, low-pressure cells resulting in strong onshore winds that whip up the sea surface and create destructive waves coming off a raised sea surface and thirdly, the coincidence of the storm with the monthly high tide and seasonal equinox which itself brings higher tides.

The wall at the East Beach carpark suffered damage from the surge which pushed rocks and debris up into the carpark area, but the beach was unscathed in comparison to several beaches along the coastline.  Besides a lot of debris deposited on the beach and the beach being left very flat for as far as the eye can see, there was not much visible damage to East Beach.  The lifesavers hut is still standing, although did lose one or two rungs from the ladder and the old boiler wreck and posts from the old tearoom are visible on the beach.

The tender for East Beach Kiosk is not yet finalised, hopefully for season we will have a going concern for beach goers to enjoy.

New signage for East Beach carpark is being considered.

Multiple requests and complaints have been received regarding dogs on the beach without a leash and pet owners not cleaning up after their dogs.  We want everyone to enjoy our safe, beautiful beaches so please, if you are walking a dog, keep them on a lead so that others can bring their dogs and they themselves walk on the beaches without fear of being attacked or harassed by dogs off of leads.

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