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Correspondence addressed to Ndlambe LM on 19 April 2023:
From: Lindsay Luppnow <>
Subject: PARRA – Communication with Ndlambe LM
Date: 19 April 2023 at 12:02:43 SAST
To: “R. Dumezweni” <>
Cc: Parra Chair <>, Dawie van Wyk <>, Georgina Nkombisa <>, Cecil Mbolekwa <>, Cecil Mbolekwa <>

Good morning Adv Dumezweni

Trust you are well.
We would like to raise the issue of communication from Ndlambe LM again with you.
  1. Currently we are struggling to get responses from some of the staff at Ndlambe LM. Emails are often not responded to and there are not out of office return emails – this is something to possibly discuss with your IT department.
  2. We are also no longer sent any Notices/Communication from your communications officer or any other Ndlambe LM representatives. We had previously raised this and were getting notices and feedback but we would appreciate it if this could please occur again. We have a good online presence and can help share notices to avoid wasted calls to your different departments. Please can we be added to any WhatsApp groups/broadcast groups to ensure we do not miss these (0713557644).
  3. As you are aware, we have raised the residents/ratepayers ongoing frustrations with Ndlambe LM as there is not regular feedback given via the website or an official FB page or platform. Our residents/ratepayers want regular communication and to hear about progress/feedback/timelines etc. We trust that this is a project which is being worked on.
  4. We have received feedback (and from our own experience as well) emails sent to the customer care officer are rarely acknowledged and feedback is rarely given from Directors and other staff. We understand that there are time pressures because of the sheer size of the Ndlambe Municipality jurisdiction but this gap needs to be met somehow. We would like to state that the issues raised are usually attended to, for which we are grateful, however some sort of acknowledgement (even if it is automated) or feedback would be appreciated.
We appreciate your time and trust you understand that PARRA wishes to continue to strengthen our relationship with Ndlambe LM. We believe that a successful working relationship requires open communication (whether the content is positive or negative) this way all parties understand where they stand with each other. This is the only way progress can be made.
Thanks again.
Lindsay Luppnow Burrow
PARRA Chairperson

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