Sarel Hayward Dam Water Status – 27th February 2023

The three pictures depict the Sarel Hayward Dam on the left nearly full, centre empty and right less than 50% full.


What is extremely concerning that no water is being pumped into the SHD yet the Kowie River is flowing into the weir:

Picture showing rising weir level behind the weir and the construction of the dedicated pipeline.


PARRA understands Pump Station No 1 has only the two surface pumps working. Thus no water is being pumped into the SHD. Currently most of Port Alfred’s water is coming from this source and the level of SHD will drop very quickly.

Neither one of the two submersibles is operational and nor is the pump to the dedicated pipeline working. This state of affairs mirrors what happened at the last drought and we virtually ran out of water in Port Alfred. Water is flowing into the river behind the weir but no pumps are working to pump this water into the Sarel Hayward Dam. This state of affairs is unacceptable!


Dawie van Wyk

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