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From: Lindsay Luppnow <>
Subject: Station Hill – Illegal Dumping
Date: 31 January 2023 at 14:32:04 SAST
To: Nombulelo Booysen <>
Cc: Fanie Fouche <>, Chair <>, Georgina Nkombisa <>
Good day Nombulelo

I hope you are well and that the year is moving along well.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a great deal of illegal dumping happening in and around Station Hill. The residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the polluted areas and also the health risks it poses. Added to this is that there is an increase in crime in these areas (interesting theory known as the Broken Window’s Theory – (

The community is calling for a clean up (one was done yesterday by your department and we must commend you for the speedy resolve after it was reported) but they are asking for something more – they want to find a way to curb this illegal dumping. Obviously signs may be something that would work but we would love to discuss this further. Possibly a visit by Ndlambe LM to the areas that they are complaining about to do an inspection, I would personally love to attend as well). I must say that while PARRA represents this area as well, we are largely out of touch with the issues which they face and we are aware that we need a more diversified representation (we are working on building trust but we need to help voice this area’s concerns).

The majority of residents are wanting to maintain and improve their community and we want to ensure we help them in whatever way we can.


Lindsay Burrow
PARRA Vice-Chair
We are pleased to report that Ndlambe LM attended to a clean up in the area on the same date, however have been informed that dumping occurred again later in the day. We have also been informed that all previous signs have been vandalised. We will admit our shortcomings that even though PARRA represents the communities of Port Alfred, Station Hill, Thorn Hill & Nemato, we have a lack of diversity on our committee and need to be more in touch with the issues of the communities around our town!
We have accordingly responded with an email and an action plan and hope that community members will be proactive in getting involved with us, Ndlambe LM and other role players to start to see some change in this area. It will not be an overnight change but this community deserves to have a clean and safe environment.
From: Lindsay Luppnow <>
Subject: Re: Station Hill – Illegal Dumping
Date: 2 February 2023 at 07:44:30 SAST
To: Nombulelo Booysen <>
Cc: Fanie Fouche <>, Parra Chair <>, Georgina Nkombisa <>, Edward Walker <>
Good morning Nombulelo

It is an incredibly frustrating situation. I have spoken to some of the residents but think PARRA could possibly meet with some of the “community leaders” and those wanting change and see what ideas can be bounced around. There seems to be a small portion that are just wrecking the area but the majority are sick of it. I have addressed an email to Dr Vithi as well to raise the issue of the broken lights in the are. There is an interesting page called “Stand up Station Hill” and its been great to follow it and meet with some of the residents to hear how they feel about the situation in Station Hill.

Maybe it will be possible to then bring some proposals and ideas forward.

BY COPY EDWARD – would you like to be part of these meetings?

Thank you for your time!


PARRA Vice Chair

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