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PLEASE SEE THE UPDATE ON THE APPLICATION FOR A CELLPHONE TOWER WHICH PARRA REQUESTED FROM Ndlambe LM – this is the latest correspondence and we shall keep posting updates. PARRA believes that a CELLPHONE/TELECOMMUNICATION TOWER POLICY needs to be created to ensure that there is certainty and clarity on these issues. 

From: Kholofelo Radingoana []
Sent: Monday, 22 August 2022 11:27 AM
To: Parra Chair
Subject: Re: Cell Phone Tower Policy

We don’t have any application under that Erf Number.

From: “Parra Chair” <>
To: “Kholofelo Radingoana” <>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2022 11:21:09 AM
Subject: RE: Cell Phone Tower Policy


The erf number is 1865


Dawie van Wyk

From: Kholofelo Radingoana []
Sent: Monday, 22 August 2022 11:07 AM
To: Parra Chair
Subject: Re: Cell Phone Tower Policy

Good Day

See my reply below highlighted in Yellow.

From: “Parra Chair” <>
To: “Kholofelo Radingoana” <>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2022 9:05:31 AM
Subject: FW: Cell Phone Tower Policy


Could you please respond to email below as soon as possible?



NRF & PARRA Chairperson

From: Parra Chair []
Sent: Thursday, 18 August 2022 9:07 AM
To: ‘Xolela Makambi’
Cc: ‘Kholofelo Radingoana’; ‘Ukho Nxesi’; Lindsay Luppnow
Subject: Cell Phone Tower Policy


Is it possible to email the latest cell phone policy document?

We do not have a cellphone/telecommunication mast policy adopted by Council. It went for public comments however the process was never finalized. The process will have to be restarted at some point.

Was there an advert in TOT for the Loerie Street Application? If so could you please send me a copy?

What application would this be. Please provide more details Erf number.

Are you still sending out registered letters to the surrounding property occupiers/owners?

Yes. Applicants are required by the by-law to sent this. In other instance, we request them to obtain consent from neighbors.

If so this needs to be addressed as the South African Post Office is dysfunctional and no one gets these notices. The only way to distribute these notices is in the residents post boxes at their street address.

The by-law provides for registered mail to be sent. For residents that have emaile adresses refistered on theri accounts, we also sent them the emails if there is any application that we deem they need to be notified.



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