Municipal Matters, Sewage, Water

As per our previous report and meeting (see details here) – PARRA has accordingly discussed a meeting with Director Vithi to discuss progress.
Please see email correspondence below:
From: “Parra Chair” <>
Subject: FW: Items to be discussed
Date: 18 August 2022 at 08:55:10 SAST
To: “Noluthando Vithi” <>
Cc: “Lindsay Luppnow” <>
Dear Nandy,
Is it possible to schedule a meeting to discuss the outstanding issues listed below?
Could I also fetch the keys to SHD and the weir gates so that I can visit these areas?
From: Parra Chair []
Sent: Sunday, 14 August 2022 10:06 AM
To: Noluthando Vithi
Cc: Lindsay Luppnow
Subject: Items to be discussed
Dear Nandy,
As requested in my WhatsApp message could we meet and discuss the following?
1.Sewage in front of the Museum
2.Water supply to Rose Hill Mall
3.Dedicated pump and pipeline to SHD
4.Wharf Street Sewage Line
5.Audit of 21 sewage pumps stations
7.Boreholes pumping and their volumes
8.Preventative maintenance programme
9.Status of the 3 Nemato sewage pumps (QFS appointed a sub-contractor to do this)
10.Sunningdale and Becker Street sewage pumps continuously pouring sewage into the Kowie River
11.Monthly status report on water availability and pump stations at SHD
PO Box 29
Port Alfred 6170
We await a response from the Director.

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