Some good news on the water front…

A few weeks ago PARRA had a meeting with Director Vithi and one of the consultants to requests updates on the water/sewage systems around town affecting our residents/ratepayers. See original article/update here.

One of the aspects discussed was Rosehill and Riverview Estates lack of water.

We accordingly addressed a request for feedback and an update this morning (7 July 2022). Director Vithi responded promptly with the following response:

“Good morning 

The initial supplier is giving us more challenges and extending the timeframes by which we will get the pumps. I have taken a decision that their option is not going to assist us hence on Monday the 4th of July I have looked on an alternative. The reason it has taken long to look at an alternative is because the supplier kept on promising us and we had hope that they will deliver on the promised time frames now that they are changing to another extended date, I have then proceeded to place an order to an alternative supplier. The current supplier indicated that they have 2 pumps that we can be able to install for the Rosehill booster pump station. They have promised that the pumps will be delivered before the 15th of July and the installation will commence. I will update on the progress as soon as the pumps get delivered.

We did try the temporal solutions and all have not been a success.

I really understand the frustration and the inconvenience of the residents.

We are trying our best that this time around the plan succeeds.


We are pleased at this prompt response and clear timeline. We continue to foster a good working relationship with Ndlambe Municipality and thank Director Vithi and her team for the feedback.

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