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The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF) made up of representatives from Port Alfred, Kenton-on- Sea, Bushman’s River, Boknes, Cannon Rocks, Bathurst and Kleinemonde Ratepayers Associations, met with Senior Ndlambe Municipal Officials to discuss the draft 2022/23 Budget and Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The meeting was cordial and issues were discussed and then answered by the various Municipal Officials.

The NRF submitted a document raising concerns re. draft budget which formed the basis of the discussion with the Municipal Officials.

The NRF since its inception has been seen by the Municipality as the representative body of the residents and ratepayers of Ndlambe who represent and discuss matters of common interest and have established a cordial relationship over the years.

The following were some of the issues discussed:

  • Drought water tariff – The Kleinemonde Ratepayers negotiated the reduction in the proposed increase in drought water tariffs. This was amended on the request and changed to:

  • Standby allowances (R 1 493 321.00) – The NRF’s view is that this allowance is excessive and should be reduced. The Municipal Officials responded by indicating that a new policy document will be drafted and submitted to Council.
  • Catering (R 1 111 135.00) – The NRF’s view is that it is excessive and should be reduced.
  • Overtime (R 6 611 738.00) – It is the NRF’s contention that the amount budgeted is excessive and should be better controlled and only used in emergency situations.
  • Local Economic Development (LED) (R1 198 274) – Money allocated annually to LED should be quantifiably linked to the amount budgeted and meaningful jobs created.
  • Casual Labour (R 4 743 532.00 ) – Casuals should be employed to do additional work and not taking over duties performed by permanent staff.

We are pleased that all the Forums come together to work out better solutions for our residents and ratepayers. Thank you to all involved and please be sure to support your local forum.

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