Municipal Matters

On Friday 29 April 2022, our Vice Chair Lindsay Burrow attended a meeting with Mr Fanie Fouché (Acting Director – Community Protection Services) and Mr Sipho Velezantsi (the newly appointed By-Law Enforcement Officer) at Ndlambe Municipality.

We are very pleased at this appointment as the position was empty for some time. Mr Velezantsi has a law enforcement background and is very passionate about ensuring that the by-laws are complied with. He has a big job on his hands as he has to ensure compliance throughout the entire Ndlambe Municipality region. He appears to be tackling it head on and has a proactive action approach and plan in place.

He has noted our concerns (which are a top priority for him as well) regarding the stray cattle around town and on the roads, as well as the illegal dumping.

We wish Mr Velezantsi well and are very pleased and hopeful after this meeting.

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