Municipal Matters

PARRA has been contacted by a number of residents who are concerned about the informal car wash which is being operated from the Duck Pond Parking lot.

Some of the concerns raised are as follows:

  1. They have been taking water with no authorisation from private businesses and the surrounding buildings;
  2. Water is also being removed from the Duck Pond;
  3. A great deal of mess and rubbish is being left in the area;
  4. They do not have authorisation (as far as anyone can show) to run their business in this area;
  5. Large amounts of water is being wasted (a particularly sore point in Port Alfred); and
  6. The operators are threatening visitors, patrons and business owners around this parking area.

We have accordingly addressed an email on 29 April 2022 to Council to request assistance.

We ask our residents, ratepayers and visitors to please support local formal businesses and not encourage the growth of informal businesses around town. This negatively affects our local businesses and makes our town less attractive to visitors and investors.


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