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There is no doubt that the ongoing sewage issues in Van Der Riet Street have created a huge problem, both for the local businesses in the area and as a health hazard to the general public. This has been an ongoing issue for many years.  PARRA believes that this needs to be explored and a long term sustainable solution needs to be found.

As part of our action plan, we requested the attendance of some of the role-players involved and on Wednesday 9 February 2022, we were able to discuss the matter.

In attendance was our Chairman Mr Dawie van Wyk, EXCO member Lindsay Luppnow (Burrow), Ward 10 Councillor Nadine Haynes, Mr Stuart Lavender as an independent Engineer, a representative from the management company of the MyPond buildings and a representative from Ndlambe LM.

It was “excellent timing” as the pipeline which connects to this area was being replaced at the same time in Main Street and therefore a thorough investigation had been undertaken. The old 150mm Asbestos water pipe has been replaced with a larger 200mm new pipe made of Heavy Duty PVC. The old pipe was severely damaged and in need of replacement (which was discovered during the course of the repairs).

One of the major contributing factors to the blocked sewage lines around town is the improper disposal of fat from the restaurants and establishments which then lines and clogs the pipes, therefore creating great strain on the systems and their connections. Other contributing factors include the hair being disposed of down the drain systems as well as other foreign objects. These clump in the fat and therefore further clog the system, putting strain on the pipes and causing blockages. Once there is as blockage, it sends the sewage backwards and then out various manholes.

We have identified the need to have inspections done at all businesses and ensure that they are disposing of their fats in an appropriate manner and also ensure all businesses are disposing of their waste correctly.

We have therefore agreed on the following way forward:

  1. Mr Stuart Lavender, independent Engineer, has kindly offered to have a look at the plans and diagrams of the existing systems in place in the area.
  2. We will arrange a meeting with Ndlambe LM to discuss the inspections and the way forward with the businesses around town. We have requested this meeting and Mr Mcinglei Madlebe, the Senior Environmental Health Practitioner at Ndlambe LM has noted that he is only available to meet in the week of 21 t 25 February 2022. We will hopefully settle this date during the course of this week.
  3. Meetings need to be arranged with businesses in and around the CBD to provide an outline of what is needed and provide a timeline.
  4. We will request that Ndlambe LM regularly does inspections on these issues.

We firmly believe that this is a long term solution and are very pleased that all concerned have come on board. We hope that 2022 will be the year that this issue in our precious business district will end.


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