On 2 February 2022 our Chairman, Dawie van Wyk, address correspondence to Ndlambe LM regarding the Sunningdale Pump Stations. There is a lot of frustration around these pump stations as they have been reported multiple times, however there has been no feedback.

Correspondence was addressed to Mr Sipho Babama (Acting Director of Infrastructure at Ndlambe LM) and Georgina Nkombisa (the Customer Care Officer at Ndlambe LM).

It has been reported that this pump station is not working and there is currently sewage running through the undergrowth against the wall on the pavement. The smell is extremely unpleasant. This sewage seeps under the road into the Fresh Water dam where children swim and fish. It is a serious health matter and it was noted that this issue has been reported on numerous occasions in the past.

We further requested clarity as to why there are cables going into the tanks via the manhole covers. This gap is allowing the smell to escape and creating a very unpleasant situation.

We await feedback on this matter.

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