Last week the head of our Security Portfolio, Mr Mike Hosty, attended the Community Policing Forum (CPF) meeting. These meetings are usually attended by the Police, local security companies and other represented members.

The report back for our residents is as follows:

  • Crime-related incidents, such as theft, vandalism, assault, were indeed at a drastically reduced level over the past festive season, even compared to Pre-Covid years.
  • SAPS had their maximum contingency of personnel on duty, and in addition a further 8 personnel volunteered their time from 09h00-midnight on 01 January 2022 at no remuneration. CPF organised food packs for all concerned.
  • Drinking certainly continues to be a major issue, but currently there is no sustainable, practical, viable way forward to address this, throughout the country.  This is a very frustrating matter for the SAPS officers. PARRA discussed the issue of the beaches at our last EXCO meeting and it is certainly on our agenda to assist wherever we can in helping find a way in which all beach goers and those residents around the beaches can enjoy our beautiful town in a safe and dignified way.
  • There was an issue which arose whereby an on-duty Police Officer was recorded and it was alleged that he was drinking alcohol in the West Beach Parking Lot. This matter was raised and discussed at the meeting. SAPS reps, together with Clinton Millard from Multi Security addressed this matter as soon as the footage was shared on social media and unanimously and categorically defend that the officer concerned was drinking from his own water bottle. Apparently considerable time was spent investigating the footage, including on Multi Security’s high resolution screen. They stressed they are eager to make an example of such offenders, because here and there it does happen, but they cannot justify taking action in this case.

Thank you to all who worked to keep us safe over the Festive Season. 

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