Two recent pictures taken by Theo van der Walt (6th December) and Charles Mason a week later (13th of December) show a large reduction in the volume water flowing over the weir at Waters Meet. This indicates that the flow of water into the Kowie River above weir is not going to be sustainable. This will result in the level above the weir dropping as Ndlambe pump water into the Sarel Hayward Dam, the Nemato Waterworks and the Balancing Dam.

PARRA urges residents, ratepayers and holiday makers to please conserve water bearing in mind that water restrictions are still in place. No hose pipes, no watering of gardens, no washing of roofs, cars, boats and drive ways. Please be WATER WISE and do not WASTE this precious resource.

The 2 ML RO Plant is producing above it’s capacity and the new 1 ML RO plant is about to start producing water.

RO Plant Production figures below:


Dawie van Wyk
16th December 2021



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